Perfect for convenient bird watching that provides great entertainment for kids and adults alike! Feeders and houses easily mount to the window with 2 to 3 suction cups, holding any kind of bird seed or nest building materials.

Our acrylic cottage bird feeders offer a close-up view of a variety of birds, while the houses offer protection from inclement weather and predators.

Condition: New

  • One-way Vantage View Mirror allows birds to see their reflection and not get scared off while giving you a firsthand look.
  • Shelter Shield allows birds a place to land while preventing squirrels and other animals from intruding.
  • Double suction cups are screwed into the wood for extra reinforcement.
  • The houses have a 1.25” universal opening that allows for most birds.
  • Top hinge opening on the roof allows for easy cleanout once birds are done nesting.

Vantage View Birdhouse

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